Stink bugs are found in different parts of the world, and come in a variety of species to adjust to the different environments. Most of them are green, but there are different ones that are in brown. They can be easily identified the shape, color as well as the smell. The insects’ back come with the shape of a shield and their thorax look like a triangle. They measure less than an inch in both length and width. Adult insects come with two antennas and four wings. The life cycle starts after winter when the female stink bugs will emerge.

Stink Bugs – Females

They lay as much as 150 eggs, which they will carry until find the appropriate place for them to lay them. These eggs will be laid and attached on the underside of leaves so that they are safe. After a long while, the eggs while hatch, but this will depend on the conditions. When they hatch, these bugs will need to undergo a series of molts so that they can become adults. The nymphs will continuously eat in order to molt. The females will reproduce four times a year, but the process will slow down at cooler environments when they get in hibernation. These stink bugs are found in the fields and gardens. The farmers will get rid of them in the same way as other crops. Those in the gardens can be eliminated by the use of bucket of soapy water. They can also use insecticides to kill these insects without placing the crops in the fields. Most of these bugs will get into the homes in search of warmth and because they are attracted to the lights. Most of them get into the house via cracks on the walls or any openings on the window and door frames. They will feed on a variety of house plants to feed on so that they exist.

Stink Bugs – Control

It is recommended that individuals avoid agitating or crashing these stink bugs because of the smell they will emit. The smell comes from their thorax, and it is not only strong but also evasive. For this reason, they should use different types of insecticides as well as home remedies in order to kill these insects without causing the bad smell. One of the best things to do after using the insecticides is to vacuum the room and then discard the vacuum bag to avoid the live insects from releasing the smell. They should also make sure that they seal the spaces and crevices in the home to avoid a repeat infestation of these bugs. They can use silicon caulks to seal these areas so that the insects can not penetrate. Individuals can also use preventative insecticides present in the market, and that will be used on the exterior of the walls as well as the foundation’s perimeter. In this way, they will be able to keep these insects away. The comforting thing is that the stink bugs are not harmful to humans but they are a nuisance because of the evasive and irritating smell.

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