How do you get rid of stink bugs?

Stinks bugs are commonly called shield bugs because if you take a close look at them their back is triangular in shape. Stink bug is what most people call them because they produce a really bad smelling odor from their underside. Most animals and insects have a defense mechanism of some sort and this is what stink bugs use for their defense. Everyone wants to know how to you get rid of stink bugs?
Now, stink bugs may look different in appearance in different locations around the country. Their color can vary from brown color to almost the same color green as the plants they live on. No matter what color they are the distinctive smell sets them apart and makes them easy to identify.
You will find stink bugs on plants since that is their main source of food. Fruit trees are also a common place to find them. Stink bugs feed on the juices of the vegetation or fruit. You may have to look close to actually see them. They tend to match their color to whatever plant they are living on. Once thing to keep in mind is that stink bugs reproduce at rapid rates. You may at first notice that a plant is damaged or not looking healthy due to the bug infestation, but take a close look to determine if stink bugs are present. Interestingly enough they do not always infest all the plants and you may find them on only a few plants.
Stink bugs are warm weather creatures and look for a warm place in the colder seasons like most bugs. So once it starts to get cooler is when they will start to infiltrate your home. You may also notice stink bug eggs on the plants or in your home. Adult stink bugs are on average about three fourths of an inch in length but their size varies as they mature from eggs to adulthood.
Keep in mind that these bugs are no danger to us. They of course do emit an awful smell that is pretty obnoxious. Since these bugs reproduce at a rapid rate getting rid of them can be a hard thing to do. They also tend to swarm which is annoying. The hardest thing about dealing with stink bugs is the smell and proper removal is important to avoid really making things worse.

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