Is the Rescue! Stink Bug Trap Everything It Claims To Be

The Rescue! Stink Bug Trap is made by Sterling International they have been helping folks with all kinds of pest control problems for almost 30 years. Most of their products are “ECO Friendly”, they are pioneers in the “green” pest control industry. This particular Stink Bug Trap is designed to be non-toxic, odorless, and harmless to the environment it lives in. It uses a slow release pheromone to lure stink bugs from up to 30 feet away.

Stink Bug Trap – How It Works

Used outside in spring, summer and early fall, the RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap lures these pest insects within a 30-foot radius using multiple pheromone attractants. The stink
bugs crawl or fly to the trap, walk up the green ‘fins’ and through the cone, and get trapped inside the clear chamber where they dehydrate.

Stink Bug Trap – Reviews

The reviews for the Rescue! Stink Bug Trap are very good as long as you position them in the right manner.
The green fins on the bottom of the unit must touch branches or leaves of the tree it is positioned in. It is also recommended
that it is placed in direct sunlight. These units will not catch all of the stink bugs, but they will really help reduce the population. These units work really well in combination of a professional pest control treatment, but you will probably disappointed if you use these as a stand alone type of control. Stink Bugs Trap Testing of the RESCUE! Stink Bug Trap was conducted at the USDA’s 800-acre facility in Beltsville, MD. Sterling designed both the trap and the controlled-release technology for the pheromone. Though difficult and expensive to produce, the pheromones will be manufactured in-house thanks to Sterling’s expertise in chemical synthesis. I am glad to see that there is a Stink Bug Trap to at least help with stink bugs control.

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