Stink Bugs, A Growing Agricultural Problem

The stink bugs, as their name suggest emit a foul smell. Every housekeeper likes to keep the home clean. But due to unavoidable circumstances, there are so many damages caused to the buildings. For instance the attack of termites or bugs might damage the structure. Similarly, the stink bugs will invade the houses. They will gain entry into the house through the cracks in the walls or in the gardens. The foul odor that is emitted by the bugs will be damaging the entire atmosphere. This is mainly to defend themselves against the predators. How do the stink bugs look like? The stink bugs are brown colored and they are close to half inch in length. Since they are very small, they can easily enter through the cracks on the walls of houses. Apart from damaging the house or garden, the major devastating effect is the intolerable odor that is caused. Why do the stink bugs invade gardens and what do they gain from such a venture? The fruits crops or beans or nuts are eaten by these stink bugs.

Stink Bugs – Killing Them

The main things that will be required to kill the stink bugs are the vacuum cleaner, caulking, gloves, goggles, face mask, sprayer and so on. The natural pesticides like Bonide hot pepper wax will be of great use to remove these bugs. After using the vacuum cleaner and after collecting the stink bugs, it needs to be flushed into the toilet. This is due to the fact that the stink bugs, which are alive, might multiply in large numbers in a short period of time. In houses, these bugs will be mainly found near the doors and the windows. In this way, the stink bugs can be easily removed from homes.

Stink Bugs – In Gardens

In gardens, a different style of treatment must be done. When the garden is inspected for stink bugs, these are mostly found feeding on the fruit plants and leaving out distinct bad odors. Thus one can find them even in the beans or in the nuts. Before the application of the powerful pesticides, one must take cautious measures to avoid the effects of the chemicals. For instance, the gloves and goggles must be worn to protect the hands and eyes. Along with this face mask can also be worn to offer better protection to the sensory organs. This kind of a pesticide application is not a onetime procedure. They have to be applied, at regular intervals in order to completely eradicate the stink bugs and their eggs. But before application, the necessary safety measures must surely be carried out. The pesticide using natural ingredients ca also be used instead of chemical pesticides to avoid exposure to chemicals.
The sprayer must be filled with the pesticide and spraying has to be done carefully, so that the remaining healthy plants, which do not have stink bugs, are not affected. The plants with stink bugs might get affected a little, as they are in direct contact with the disgusting and harmful stink bugs.

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