Stink bugs in Maryland are turning out to be a major nuisance. These smelly insects have invaded the homes of many people and they are proving to be a thorn in the flesh. When they are in flight, they sound like small helicopters and thanks to their vile smell, no one wants to touch them. Stink bugs in Maryland are the latest news making its rounds in major news channels. They are tormenting farmers by destroying crops and home owners have not been spared either. It is for this reason that a variety of scientists are carrying research to determine whether there is an ideal way of controlling these insects. Though the first defense strategy taken by the stink bugs is release of their odor, they are also known to bite humans and especially when they feel threatened.

Stink Bugs In Maryland – Research

Research carried out in Maryland suggests that the bugs have scent glands which are on dorsal surface of the bugs’ abdomen and others are on thorax underside. Why they are a Nuisance Stink bugs in Maryland are considered a nuisance and this is attributed to several reasons some of which are as mentioned below.

  1. For starters, they are destroying plants in the entire region. This is thanks to their piercing mouth that’s known to suck juice from agricultural plants such as corn, beans, green peppers, tomatoes, peaches and soy beans among other plants. They are persistent, sturdy and survive under tough conditions and as such, getting rid of them has also proved to be rather tricky.
  2. They have caused millions of loss in agricultural production and if something is not done to address the situation soon, this will only get worse. This loss is especially noted in fruit production and the loss is higher in areas that have orchids.
  3. They have invaded people’s homes and controlling them is proving to be an uphill task. Homeowners have to contend with having these bugs within their backyards and gardens. The foul smell they leave behind does little to make the situation any better.

Stink Bugs In Maryland – Reason for Concerns

Stink bugs in Maryland are known to migrate nationwide and it is for this reason that they are seen as a threat. The numbers are also high and pest controllers are hoping that they will be brought to a balance either by disease or predators. The area however lacks any natural predators and for this reason, their numbers are doubling up at a rapid rate. During the cool spring weather, they don’t procreate as fast. During the winter they find their way inside homes and when spring comes, they shift outside once more. When this happens, it is advisable to take all the necessary measures to ensure they don’t get back indoors after spring. Pesticides are known to kill the bugs though they have little to no residual effect after a couple of days and this is seen as a major setback. It is for all these reasons that the battle against stink bugs in Maryland is at all time high. People and especially farmers are trying to find the best strategies to be rid of these irritating stink bugs.

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