The stink bugs are creatures that can be found in both the plants as well as in the cracks of homes. They are capable of camouflaging well with their surrounding, if the environment is brown in color. As it just half inch in length, it can easily find its way into the cracks of houses and breed in large numbers. The National Bed Bug Awareness Month is held in the month of September and it has already started form September 1st. This is an educational campaign, where a lot of videos are presented to explain the bad effect of the bugs. There is an important seminar that is held form September 25th to 27th in Chicago. This will also be addressing the same issue. The 2011 North American Bed Bug Summit is quite famous and will be attended by many people from all over US. The stink bugs are brown in color and are half an inch in length. Base on its physical features, it is clear that it can easily enter into the house through the holes or cracks. As soon as they enter into the fissures, they start mating and breeding. One can be so surprised that they can multiply many thousand folds within a very short duration in the cracks.

Stink Bugs – Research Ideas

A lot of research on the stink bugs is going on, in different parts of US. Each of the research team is coming out with different ideas and concepts or different perspectives to kill the bugs. All the teams are striving to get a treatment measure, which is harmful for the bugs and safe for the plants. While killing the pests, the gardeners or the administrators must surely wear face masks and goggle to protect the nasal passages as well as the skin form the effect of the pesticides.

Stink Bugs – Tracy Lesky

Tracy Lesky is a researcher who studies about these bugs that thrive in the fruit crops. This fruit researcher has stated some interesting points on the stink bugs. A lot of research is continuously carried out using the bugs. According to her research, the stink bugs are widely prevalent in many states in United States. It is found, that these bugs are found in close to 33 states. There is a great accumulation of the bugs in states like West Virginia, Philadelphia, Maryland or Delaware. According to her, it is extremely necessary to understand the biology of these bugs and the mechanisms that can be used to eradicate them. New Jersey is also one of the states which have a large number of stink bug population.
According to the research, the bugs mainly are found in the gardens in the September month. But after mid September, they try to enter the cracks in the homes and will gain easy entry to damage the structures. A lot of research is yet required to find out the natural ways of killing them. It is necessary to kill the stink bugs, without destroying the other plants. Thus it will take a few more years to develop a pesticide, that is made of completely natural ingredients and to develop chemicals that kill only stink bugs.

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