What Are Stink Bugs? While stink bugs are found in several places around the globe, there are people who still ask questions on what are stink bugs. These are pests that come in different shades of green and they have a distinct shape that resembles a shield. They can also be found in shades of brown and there are hundreds of these species.

What Are Stink Bugs – Body Parts

They have a thorax that is triangular shaped and they measure less than an inch though there are other species which are longer. Most of these have the same length and width and this is what sets them apart from other bugs. In order to understand what are stink bugs it is ideal to look at some of the characters considered unique to them. For starters, they are known to produce a buzzing sound and in addition to this, they have sucking mouth parts and due to this fact, they are known to destroy plants. They also stink and this is seen as a defense mechanism. They often release this odor to keep predators at bay. Stink bugs have some glands in the thorax. These are located in between the 1st and 2nd pair of legs and they are responsible for production of the foul smell. It is only after the winter season that the lifespan of stink bugs begins.

What Are Stink Bugs – Reproduction

Female bugs are known to have 150 eggs and they carry this until they can find an ideal place to lay the eggs. In most cases, they will attach these eggs to the underside of leaves for purpose of ensuring that they are safe. Depending on the weather conditions at that particular moment, these eggs will take about couple of weeks or days before they get hatched. When these eggs hatch, they are not in the same form as adults. They don’t have any wings and the main aim of nymphs is eating continuously for the purpose of fueling molts. Stink bugs are known to molt at least 4 times before they develop some wings and grow into adults. In addition to this, they reproduce at least 4 times within a year. However, their reproduction rate is slowed during the cool climates because they go into hibernation. Stink bugs are considered an agricultural nuisance and this is because they feed on crops in gardens and fields. Most farmers prefer to treat them alongside other pests attacking their crops. Farmers can also get rid of a large number of stink bugs by shaking then in a bucket with soapy water. Alternatively, farmers can also choose to use insecticides that are harmful to the bugs but safe on the plants. Stink bugs have the ability to adapt to different situations and it is for this reason that they have a high survival rate. There are instances when stink bugs find their way inside homes and this is often through cracks and openings along windows and doors. Once in, they feed on any juicy foods they get as well as indoor plants. Getting rid of stink bugs is not an easy task to accomplish but there are several strategies and tools and resources that aid in meeting this end. I hope this answers What Are Stink Bugs.

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